TheNolanK is Now on YouTube!

TheNolanK now was an Official YouTube Channel! I have been making small videos of all sorts for quite some time now. Mostly they are low-production iMovie pieces about going to the shooting range or a Call of Duty gameplay montage.

About a year ago I learned about the 'Subscription' feature on YouTube. From that avenue I discovered some really cool channels. I especially love Casey Neistat, Demolition Ranch, KYR Speedy, and Cinema Sins. Just as well, some good friends of mine also have a channel called 'Fiesta Squad' and they do hilarious comedy clips. In fact, my buddies are the ones that showed me how easy and accessible creating a YouTube channel was.

My channel has quite a few videos on it already. I use it to highlight my media creation skills across a variety of different approaches: live action, editing, compilations, formatting, and design.

I have three main playlists under which I release videos:



(Disclaimer: All firearms are handled and operated in a safe and controlled manner. The purpose of these videos are to provide insight into my relevant experience with said firearms in regards to how my worldview of firearms, the global arms trade, and conflict analysis is grounded in an applicable hands-on reality.)


Please Subscribe to my channel drop a like and comment on my videos. I would really appreciate the feedback!

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