The Asian Sun's Final Moments

a Nightscape of Downtown Istanbul
     Living in Europe is one of the most relaxing experiences to try in one's life. The beautiful majesty of Istanbul hits a high note in the days' final moments. Istanbul is where the sun has chosen to last appear on the Asian continent on its journey in to a half-day slumber that we call night. Granted a good sunset is a visual pleasure no matter where one witnesses it. In the case of an Istanbulite sunset, it is the culture of Turkey that complements the stunning visual show with the lyrical poetry that is the Islamic call to prayer. So it becomes not only a beautiful sight, but an auditory experience as well. The goosebumps that I felt only further reiterated and confirmed the epicness that my visual and audio senses were interpreting. 
     Thanks to the awesome features of Skype, I was able to have a video chat with my parents and my Granny from Canada. I told them about what I did last night, as well as told them about the big news of the PKK march/demonstration that happened in Taksim square today. Although I personally was not there a few of my new friends had been in the area and were witness to different aspects of the escalating tensions. Luckily no one I knew was injured, but the riot police did use full riot gear and tear gas to prevent the activists from actually reaching Taksim square and creating more of a widespread disturbance. After telling them about the excitement for the day, I took my laptop, and as much as the land cord would allow for, pulled it towards my window so I could show my family the sights I get to see from my dorm room on a daily basis. Immediately they recognized the the beauty of the sight they were observing instantly on Skype, but were geographically half of a world away [nearly 8,500km or 5,300miles]. Overall I chatted with them for about 30 minutes before venturing out to get groceries in the local villa.
the View on the way to the Grocery Store
     I officially went grocery shopping today for the first time of my visit. I walked the 2km from the SuperDorms up to the small little village by the south Bogazici campus. I stocked up on food for breakfast as well as getting more of my new favorite drink, Schweppes brand mandarin soda. I also got some of the classic European croissants and some Kiri cream cheese, but the biggest score was the discovery that my all-time favorite brand of margarine, Becel, was also available for purchase. I bought some milk and cereal also for my pre-first day of school breakfast. I paid for my groceries and then loaded up my backpack and headed back to my dorm. After I finish with this update I will be setting up my necessary supplies I need for tomorrows first day of classes. I have my 'Comparative Sociology of Religions' class from 9am to 11am and my 'Intro to Philosophy' class from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. It will definitely be an interesting and exciting summer school session, because after all, I am in freaking Istanbul!
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