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First I examined Oklahoma's Sharia Law Ban [SQ. 755]. I followed that up by examining the accountability of politicians when dealing with the federal budget. My third piece examined the minefield of morality associated with the execution of Osama bin Laden. Now finally, my fourth and newest topic examines the role of secondhand smoke when considering public health and welfare on the University of Oklahoma's Norman campus. I took a look at the prevailing arguments currently being used by the opposition [those taking exception to the proposed campus wide smoking ban set to start at the beginning of the spring 2012 semester] and eviscerated the top 3 points they had attempted to make. While some could say that an Op-Ed is just a platform to spread heresy, conjecture, and logical fallacies, I [like ALWAYS] avoided this potential problem by directly quoting from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's [The CDC] data sources they have available for public viewing and consumption. You probably already knew that secondhand smoke was dangerous, but if you read my article you will find that it eventually leads to a guaranteed fatal encounter.

If you would like to read the Op-Ed in its original form on the OUDaily website CLICK HERE or simply click the title to this posting and you will be redirected to my Op-Eds page.

On a separate note, the honeymoon phase associated with the beginning of each semester has now officially ended for the Fall 2011 academic session. While this signals and symbolizes the end of the beginning for my Junior year here at The University of Oklahoma, this prime intellectual setting and scenario which is now being ushered in upon this transition from the dog days of summer into the awesomeness of academia...

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