NATO in Libya: Operation Unified Protector

I'm back! After a nice vacation from the Academic and Electronic realms, I am ready to start my 2012 Spring semester here at the University of Oklahoma as well as eager to create and update more content for my pride and joy, this blog. In the coming days I will post my yet unpublished papers from last semester in their respective tabs.

1 of 20 NATO Leaflets
By far the biggest news I have is concerning my newest acquisition, currently being featured in the 'NATO Project' tab. I have received through a confidential source in the United Stated Air Force [USAF] that had intimate knowledge of the NATO Operation Unified Protector and the US Operation Odyssey Dawn, the full set of 20 propaganda leaflets that were being dropped over cities in Libya during the aforementioned operations. Currently I have posted all 20 of the leaflets - both back and front - in my new NATO Project tab. This is just the start of my project as I will be meeting with colleagues here at the University of Oklahoma in various departments to Dictate the Arabic from the leaflets into text, translate the Arabic from the leaflets, and analyze and breakdown the meanings of the imagery used on the leaflets. In a broader approach to understanding NATO Operation Unified Protector I will be researching the entire Libyan conflict and embarking on a research project encompassing every aspect of the 2011 Libyan conflict. I don't quite know exactly how this will look, but I am excited to start putting the pen to paper - or rather fingers to the keyboard.

As always I appreciate the continued support of my Blog and the repeat views of y'all who are interested in the subject matter and content I feature on this Blog. As I have mentioned before, this summer I am planning to go to the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the summer of 2012 to study genocide, war crimes, and transitional justice. But to do this I need funding in any way, shape, or form available. On the right hand pane of this Blog, I have the Donation box and I would sincerely appreciate any contribution towards my travel fund. I created, post on, and maintain this Blog during my free time and  everything has essentially been out of pocket for me. While the continuation of this Blog is not contingent upon funding, donations will help me further pursue my dreams and interests...

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your repeat visits and I hope the research papers I post in the days to come are enjoyed.


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