A Drastic Change of Plans

It appears that a logistical wrench has been thrown into my summer study abroad plans. I will no longer be going to Sarajevo - or at least as my main focus. Rather I have decided to go to Brussels, Belgium for 2 months; attending Vesalius College from May 23rd to July 13th. The two courses I will be taking are 'Islam in European Politics' and 'Democratic Transitions in Eastern and Central Europe.' My focus here will obviously be NATO based as well as aimed towards the ICTY and the ICC. During this time I am planning to go on two excursions - one to the Hague in the Netherlands and the other as a weekend trip to Sarajevo for my birthday. 

This however is not the totality of my trip. I plan to spend the following month in Amman, Jordan; attending Al-Ahliyya Amman University from July 15th to August 18th. This leg of the trip will be no frills and on a budget to help offset this major cost. Here I will be studying the Arab-Israeli conflict and enjoying my return to the Middle East.

This complete summer overhaul is my way of spiting the powers that be in study abroad academia that did not get their stuff together to allow the Bosnia Summer trip to happen - for anyone. I will  be constantly updating this blog with stories, photos, and school work that I do along the way. And rest assured, I will be making two new banners to reflect this change in my summer plans. 

So Stay Tuned...

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