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This Way Comes!

After a fascinating and fulfilling summer in Belgium, I have since returned to Sooner Nation! I have some new and exciting developments on the horizon for my senior year here at the University of Oklahoma.

1. I will be graduating in the Spring of 2013! My journey from a Journalism Major to a Double Major in Political Science and Religious Studies is almost complete. This semester is another 18 hour intellectual marathon. I am taking 6 courses: Administration & Society, Making Public Policy, Voters & Campaigns, The Christian Religious Tradition, The War on Terror, and Covert Action. And per usual, I will be posting my graded papers on this blog.

NATO - S.H.A.P.E. in Mons, Belgium
2. I am currently in the process of editing a research paper I wrote on the Evolution Debate. I wrote this paper last year - during the 2011 Fall Semester - for my Religion and the U.S. Constitution class, instructed by Dr. Allen Hertzke. I made an A on this paper when I submitted it and received this commentary:  

"This paper reflects excellent research and is persuasively (and passionately) argued and documented. You also nicely applied constitutional principles and tests." 

The reason for this edit overhaul is that my paper has been selected for publication in the University of Oklahoma Religious Studies Student Journal!

3. I have separated from PolicyMic. I enjoyed my time writing for them and really value the experience and feedback I gained. The majority of my work was covering the developments of the ongoing Syrian uprising. This was partly why I had been on a mini-hiatus from this blog. I have switched gears and have joined the University of Oklahoma's student newspaper - The Oklahoma Daily a.k.a. The OU Daily. Previously I had occasionally submitted letters to the editor and had been featured as a guest columnist. Now I am an official opinion columnist with a weekly op-ed column.

As for the future, I will keep this blog updated at least on a bi-weekly frequency. So stay tuned for an exciting Fall 2012 Semester!

P.S. I went to Belgium this summer and I will be compiling photos and writing a brief summary of my trip for the blog. This project is ongoing and covers a wide array of adventures!

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