Obama Wins 2012 Presidential Election!

     I am proud to say that I voted for President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden today! Yes, Romney did win my state of Oklahoma, but that was expected and all but certain. However, a more interesting and intriguing development has emerged in this election. The states where Mitt Romney was Governor - Massachusetts and Born - Michigan; as well as the state where Paul Ryan was born and is currently a Congressman - Wisconsin, have all been won by Obama in a decisive fashion.

     Many pundits and politicos were surprised, but I know why this turned out to be the case. The connections the Republican ticket had with these states where intimate, personal, and sustained. The voters in these states are clearly thoroughly familiar with the candidate's policies, platforms, and track records. What happened was these voters have direct insight that the entire country was not privy to. 

     Acting on what they clearly knew -  Mitt Romney's records & policies as a Leader & Governor and Paul Ryan's record & policies as a nationally elected official - they opted for the clearly better option. They rejected the failed policies professed by the Republican ticket and embraced what they knew to be effective, triumphant, and successful - President Barack Obama's proven track record, leadership, and policies through America's toughest trials and tribulations in generations.

FOX News, CNN, and All Major News Entities have confirmed that Obama is Projected to Win!

     Here are my projections for the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election. I have no specific methodology or data interpretation - I just went with my gut. Obviously in the coming hours, and maybe days, a full comparison can be made with my projections and actual results. Obama wins 313 to 225!

The Official Nolan Kraszkiewicz vs. The World Electoral Vote Projection - Courtesy of CNN

UPDATE: I was 98% accurate in my projection model, correctly predicting 49/50 states - but not giving Virginia enough faith. My favorite election/polling blog, FiveThirtyEight and Nate Silver accurately predicted how 100% of the states would fall. Check out CNN Election Center and FOX News Results for the final poll results.
     I would like to thank the entire Obama - Biden 2012 re-election campaign for a hard fought battle against an atrocious FOX News and their Romney - Ryan election campaign. In the coming hours, days, and weeks I hope you will join me in watching, enjoying, and laughing at the apocalyptic and catastrophic meltdown that will likely hit the FOX News establishment. This self-induced hysteria is a result of the re-election of President Barack Obama.

     As for me, join me in watching a Live Election Special Edition of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central. Enjoy the rest of tonight's excitement and I'll see you in 4 years for the election of the Clinton - Booker 2016 Democratic Ticket!

WE Are victorious America! Now Forward We Shall Go!

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