Blind Misinterpretation of Liberalism Leads to Blatant Misunderstanding

I was deeply disturbed by a misinformed opinion column in Tuesday's OU Daily student newspaper. I have quite frequently and publicly expressed my disdain for the low level of writing and unvaried point of views as well as the lacking of the editing department at the newspaper to allow these shoddy practices to continue. The column in which I was responding to can be found here. It was the classic 'holier than thou' not only is your view wrong but how you apply it is fundamentally wrong, false critique of Liberalism Ideology that ends up complimenting it more than it criticizes it.

Not only is this what I took issue with, but the fact that the newspaper allowed this blindly and incredibly evangelical fundamentalist writer to publish his personal and extremely limited worldview as some sort of authority in any of the matters he fallaciously addressed irks me to the Nth degree. If you know anything about writing, this overplayed line of incoherent argument, or how ideas are supposed to be logically developed so their conclusions follow with fluidity, it should also baffle you [as much as it did for me] how this entirely inept writer has made it this far in higher education and is supposedly a 'Professional Writing Senior' here at the University of Oklahoma - and also claims to share my major of Religious Studies, Yet I have never heard of him in the latter context, heard anyone talk about him in this respect, or have shared a class with him or even met him at a Religious Studies event. Which I must say helps to illustrate his dimness when claiming to participate in such an illuminating area of study.
I'm tired of him and that whole deluge of decrepit reasoning that the Christian Right - or as I more prefer to address them as 'The Christian Rite' - first starting spewing in the public square of politics in the early 1980's. Not only do they not adhere to the Liberalism ideology, but they blindly misinterpret it which indubitably leads to a blatant misunderstanding which this writer has touted as a truth. He does however qualify his limited and lacking knowledge of this subject matter and frankly that is where his column SHOULD have stopped. But unfortunately for the readers of the OU Daily and the unlucky trees whose existence was wasted, he goes on in a self-evidently incoherent, fallacious, and non-sequiturial rant blinded by his own misapprehensions. I could continue into the realm of 'ad hominem-icide' but I feel my disappointment has been accurately demonstrated in regards to the declining editorial standard and constitution of the student newspaper and their staffed writers whose credentials are begging to be called into question.

I was able to [I feel] eloquently channel my passion and counter argument in the form of my latest Op-Ed submission to the OU Daily [which can be found here]. Hopefully by publishing my response in the coming days the Student Newspaper can redeem some of the integrity it has been conceding to increasingly shoddy standards.

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